About me

My Story 

I was born on October 30, 1992 in Lodz, Poland as son of an architect and metalworking engineer as the second of four children.

I remember like if it was today, when I was a few years old I drew a house and my cousin drew the side walls in perspective. It was the moment when drawing really caught me. I was designing cars in three dimensions. At the age of 6, I started regular art classes. In junior high school, I was creating three-dimensional graffiti.


My graffiti

Then, in the Secondary School of Art, I got a graphic design diploma with an excellent grade. I was  invited to all academies of fine arts in Poland without entrance exams for winning the 5th prize in the nationwide review of art schools. I studied painting in Łódź and Cracow.

I was one of the few two-time scholarship holders of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for outstanding artistic achievements on the national and international arena.

Living 5 years in Warsaw I ran my own company of 3d design which I will come back to soon. In addition to painting, I teach yoga and I am surely one of the fittest yogis in Poland. Check it on my website fruityyogi.com I was conducting two yoga studios in Cracow. Then I was travelling to India and Nepal. Currently I live in Amsterdam. I have been training sport acrobatics for 20 years now.

anatomical study of The Philosopher's Stone 2014
anatomical study of The Philosopher's Stone 2014
fragment of The Philosopher's Stone 2014

My Skills

Did you know that my spatial imagination and knowledge of anatomy developed to such an level that already in 2014 I was able to create nonexistent human in the painting, completely from my imagination?

Currently, for an even better final effect, I design images in a computer program for 3D graphics.

Painting the picture: The Hope in the Ocean of Tears took me only 40 hours, but designing it probably took 2-3 times longer.


3d screen shot

I am fluent in design and 3d printing as well, but unfortunatelly currently I don’t have any printer. It will be my next investment. I will be printing surreal sulptures and utility objects. Take a look at my previous projects.